Year Born: 2004
Gun model: I love my Syren L4S Sporting semi-auto. I can shoot it a lot since it has next to no recoil (previously shot the Syren XLR5).
Any modifications: Adjustable butt plate, shortened by a 1/4″, and pink monogram on stock
Began shooting: 2017

I’ve been shooting for fun since I was 3 but 2017 is when I really focused on shooting shotguns as a sport and going to tournaments with my dad. I like to stay active and though shooting is my primary sport I also play Lacrosse to stay physically fit and I have a family band where I play the mandolin for the HurriKanes. I love to hunt, fish, and just be outside. The people I have met shooting have been just amazing. Everywhere we go we meet more new amazing people that we get to add to our shooting family. The feeling you get when you break a target a long way away is just amazing. So shooting really combines all my favorite things. Amazing people, the outdoors, and my favorite sport!

Primary Disciplines:

I shoot them all between NSCA and 4H but would say FITASC is my primary and favorite.

About Kayla

Residence/Hometown: Austin, Texas
Do you give shooting instruction? Yes, I do not make money off of it yet but I coach my dad and friends and am looking forward to sharing my passion more with others.
Home Club: Capital City Trap and Skeet
University Shooting Team: In a few years!
Do you have any special causes? My favorite is the Mighty Acorn Foundation where I have two adopted sisters in Kenya, Africa. I also really enjoy helping others through mission trips at our church. I have a special place in my heart for Haiti and have been on a mission trip there.

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

Starting with the right gun is really important to keep it fun. And that starts with a gun that doesn’t hurt. Make sure you get light shells and a gun that fits. If it hurts it’s too hot a shell and/or doesn’t fit! I started with a 28ga for lighter recoil and then went to my 12ga Syren. I tried a 20ga and it actually kicked more than my Syren. Then find some fun people to shoot with and for that just go to a local tournament. You’ll find the people are wonderful and very helpful.

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

Coaching makes a huge a difference. I can’t say enough great things about the Gebben Miles Shooting academy. A good coach will help with gun fit and build your skills gradually over time to keep it fun. I know I already said this but gun fit is critical. If you want to get better you have to practice a lot and you can’t do that with a gun that doesn’t fit.

Notable Wins:

  • 2018 Texas State Lady FITASC champion is my most notable win so far and I have several Class and High Lady wins at smaller tournaments.

What gear do you use?

Hat/No Hat: My Favorite Syren visor, plenty of room for my pony tail
Glasses: Pilla, usually the 50 RHC lens
Ear Plugs: Earasers – super comfy and I can still hear a little
Ammo: All 1oz and depends on the shell which speed I shoot
Vest: Castellani
Pouch: I started with a pouch but now I prefer the consistent mount a vest provides
Attire: A skirt long enough for FITASC and anything colorful for sporting clays
Shoes: Chacos for sporting clays but sadly have to wear tennis shoes for FITASC so I also wear lucky llama socks