Year Born: 1994
Gun model: Syren Tempio Sporting
Any modifications: ISIS Recoil Reduction System from S&S Plus
Began shooting: 2010

I have always had a love for the outdoors and for shooting sports. This passion likely came from my dad who turned his little girl into his favorite shooting and hunting buddy. I first started shooting clays at the age of 12 when my dad took me to our local gun club’s youth program. I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of people and work with our local coach, Doug Thompson. It is there that I quickly fell in love with sporting clays. Through this program, I began shooting competitively in the NSCA and SCTP and I had the opportunity to take lessons from both Doug and John Woolley. Having three great mentors has no doubt help me become the competitor I am today. I am currently participating in the NSCA Championships Tour with the goal of acquiring enough points to make the USA FITASC Team.

Primary Disciplines:

Sporting Clays

About Ashley

Residence/Hometown: Lockport, NY
Do you give shooting instruction? Yes
Home Club: North Forest Rod & Gun Club
University Shooting Team: Canisius College, MBA Class of 2017
Do you have any special causes? I founded Clays for Heroes in 2012, with the help of my family and a great team of volunteers. Clays for Heroes is an annual fundraising shoot that raises funds and shows support for our American Heroes. Proceeds from our event benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). HAVA is a 501 (C) 3 organization that assists injured veterans as they transition to their lives back in the United States. “The ultimate goal is to increase their confidence and hope for the future by reconnecting (them) with their love of the outdoors and the American traditions of hunting and firearms.”

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

Don’t be shy, just go for it! If you are a woman interested in shooting, there are clubs and programs all over the country that are open to new members. I have found that Sporting Clays shooters are some of the nicest people and are open to help new shooters. Don’t be afraid to walk into a gun club and ask for help. There are also more and more women’s programs developing if you feel more comfortable learning from/with other women.

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

1. Find a gun that fits you and you feel comfortable shooting. (Syrens are great!)
2. Use a 1 oz load. You can crush targets without beating yourself up.
3. Find a good coach that can help you develop good mechanics, learn to read targets, and create a strong mental game.
4. Don’t fear competition, thrive off it!
5. Work hard but make it fun!

Notable Wins:

  • 2017 Ladies 5th Place – National FITASC
  • 2017 Ladies 5th Place – US FITASC Grand Prix
  • 2017 Ladies 1st Place Tie – NYS FITASC Championship
  • 2017 Ladies 3rd Place – NYS Sporting Clays Championship
  • 2017 Ladies FITASC All American – Second Team
  • 2016 Ladies 1st Place – NYS FITASC Championship
  • 2016 Ladies A2 – NYS FITASC Championship
  • 2016 Ladies 1st Place – NYS Sporting Clays Championship
  • 2016 Ladies A1 – NYS 5-Stand
  • 2016 Main 1st Time Attendee Lady Champion
  • 2016 A 3rd National FITASC Championship
  • 2016 A 2nd North Central Regional 5 Stand
  • 2016 A 3rd North Central Regional Main Event
  • 2016 B 1st – FITASC Grand Prix
  • 2016 B 2nd – North East Regional Championship
  • 2016 PSCA 4th Place Ladies – Tour 3
  • 2016 Ladies FITASC All American – Third Team
  • 2014 Junior Champion & Ladies Champion – NYS FITASC Championship
  • 2014 Ladies Runner Up – Northeast Regional (Masters Cup)

What gear do you use?

Hat/No Hat: Yes, Syren hat
Glasses: Gustin Sports Optics – Ranger Perscription Glasses
Ear Plugs: Fitted
Ammo: 1 oz 7 1/2 Cleavers or Fiocchi
Vest: Syren vest