Year Born: 1968
Gun model: Syren Tempio Sporting
Any Modifications: Ascent barrel and a JS Aircushion Custom Stock at 13-1/2″ L.O.P.
Began shooting: 

I have been married since 1987 my wonderful husband, John. He introduced me to shooting shotguns. We have two great sons. John and I started shooting Skeet as a full-time hobby in 1988. It quickly turned in to shooting registered Skeet. During the off season we would shoot trap, which I quickly learned was my favorite shooting game. I love to shoot all games, but I enjoy shooting Trap and Sporting Clays the most. I am the Showroom Manager at Briley Manufacturing where I get to talk with people about shooting sports all the time. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to get out to the range. When I do shoot, it’s primarily charity tournaments, small competitions or fun shoots. I also try to get out to the range with other ladies and couples, especially newer shooters. During the past several years I’ve learned that I enjoy upland bird hunting. I think I’d like to try three-gun, and waterfowl hunting in the future. For now, you can find me at Briley or the gun club. If you’re in Houston, look me up and we can go to the range.

Primary Disciplines:

Trap Shooting, Sporting Clays, Upland Bird Hunting, Skeet, 5-Stand, Helice, Pistol

About Rhea

Residence/Hometown: Katy, TX
Do you give shooting instruction? I am happy to help new shooters with learning the basics. I enjoy taking new ladies to the club and helping them learn the sport.
Home Club:I typically shoot at Greater Houston Sports Club, but also shoot at American Shooting Centers, Westside Sporting Grounds, Texas Premier Sporting

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

I love to see new people fall in love with shooting. My advice to is to Invite a new lady to the range. Make sure that she has a gun that fits and help her get the accessories necessary to be successful.

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

Find someone that is a good shooter and get out to the range with them. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Remember that we all have to start somewhere and it gets easier every time you get out and shoot. Sometimes it helps to take a lesson with a great instructor. Also, make sure your gun fits.

Notable Wins:

  • First Lady to win State Championship in Montana State Skeet Shoot 20ga. event
  • Lady Champion Zone 7 Skeet
  • Runner Up at California State Skeet Shoot, 28ga
  • I was on a five-person squad at the World Skeet Championship where we shot a perfect 500×500
  • Montana All State Skeet Team
  • Zone 7 Skeet Lady All Star Team

What gear do you use?

I shoot with Pilla glasses (I get them through Texas Shooters Optical) in an orange/bronze shade, Al Ange Cayman shooting pouch which was a gift, Custom Molded ear plugs by Audio Protection Co., Hat, and Flip Flops – of course. Syren makes a great shooting vest (which is wonderful if you’re not in the Texas summer), and a shooting pouch. I use these on occasion.