Year Born: 1982
Current Gun model: Syren Tempio Sporting
Any modifications: Ported Barrel
Began shooting: 2008

I’m just a good ole country girl!  I love riding horses and shooting my guns.  My dad was a green beret in Vietnam, so I started shooting rifles and pistols with him at a young age.  Then, while I was working in a job in oilfield sales, I picked up my first shotgun with one of my customers at a benefit shoot, and the rest is history.  It was very easy to get addicted!

Primary Disciplines:

Sporting Clays

About Chelsea:

Hometown/Residence: Lafayette, LA
Do you give shooting instruction? Occasionally. Primarily to young girls who want to get into the sport.
Home Club: GOL Shooting in Maurice, LA
Do you have any special causes? I shoot for the kids of St. Jude every year

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

Don’t knock it ’til you try it! Get the right equipment and go out and relieve some stress! It’s always fun to beat the men at a “man’s game” 🙂

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

1. Learn your eye dominance
2. Get a gun that fits!
3. Find some quality shells that don’t beat your shoulder up!
4. Both eyes open!
5. Trust yourself

Notable Wins:

  • Multi-time Louisiana Ladies State Champ in all events
  • Ladies D Class National Champion 2009
  • Ladies A Class National Champion in 2012 and numerous local titles

What gear do you use?

Hat/No Hat: Yes, Syren hat
Glasses: Oakley
Ear Plugs: Regular Foam
Ammo: Fiocchi Little Rhino
Vest: Syren vest
Pouch: Syren Pouch – (depends on the weather and what I’m wearing if I wear a vest or pouch – usually the pouch when it’s really hot)
Attire: Syren Prostaff Polo and either shorts or jeans
 My camo and pink Nike Air Max’s