Year Born: 1994
Gun model: Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent
Any Modifications: Custom stock
Began shooting: 
I started competition shooting in 2012

My shooting career began at a young age on my family farm in Metter, Ga. It all started when my father put a little Cricket 22 in my hands. Its safe to say that I was hooked from the moment I pulled the trigger. Growing up, most of my shooting was done in the hunting world, quail, ducks, pheasant, and deer. My junior and senior year of high school, I shot on the Bulloch County Shotgun Team with 4H. Around that same time, my father and I became members of the NSCA and we started attending competitions. I graduated in June 2018 from Georgia College with a majoring in Accounting. I have been working at Old Hudson Plantation in the Lake Oconee, Georgia area as an executive assistant helping manage the store and our accounts. I also give lessons as a Level One Instructor and assist in gun fitting. I shoot every chance I get and attend as many shoots as possible. I am blessed to be a part of this industry as a shooter and a ProStaff, and I hope that I can help many more women fall in love with this sport as much as I have.

Primary Disciplines:

Sporting Clays, including Super Sporting. Sub-Gauge events are my favorite disciplines with FITASC a close second!

About Victoria

Residence: Eatonton, GA
Hometown: Metter, GA
Do you give shooting instruction? Yes, I am a certified Level II Instructor through the NSCA!
Home Club: Old Hudson Plantation. My home away from home!

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

This sport is for YOU too! My advice is to jump in feet first! Take time to find a gun that fits and gear that makes you feel confident. The best way to success is practice. The main objective is to have a great time and make lasting friends!

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

Gun fit is essential. The best thing you can do is find a gun that fits you then practice, practice, practice. Never be afraid to ask for help, don’t get discouraged when you have an off-day, and make sure to always have fun!

What gear do you use?

Hat/No Hat: Yes, Syren and/or Old Hudson Plantation Hat
Glasses: Pilla Eyewear
Ear Plugs: Molded Earplugs
Ammo: My favorite ammo is Fiocchi Paper Little Rino’s 1oz #8
Vest: I wear my black Syren vest!
Attire: In the winter, I shoot in jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a shooting jacket under my vest to keep warm. I also use Wild Hare gloves to keep my hands warm. In the summer, I shoot in dresses and skirts with short sleeve shirts.
Shoes: I wear cowboy boots in the winter and tennis shoes in the summer!