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[Gun Dog 11.15] A Woman’s World: Syren is making real shotguns for the fairer sex

By Field Guns, Gun Reviews, NEWS, Syren XLR5 Waterfowler

“Women have long been stuck shooting a man’s gun. But cut stocks and pink camo don’t cut it at Syren… All in all, the XLR5 got high marks for styling, functioning, and for innovative design. Finally, a company is making guns for women shooters that are actually designed by and built for women shooters.”

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[Shotgun Sports Magazine: 09.15] Gun Test: Syren Magnus Sporting

By Gun Reviews, NEWS, Syren Magnus

“You will be impressed with the level of engraving on this shotgun. I could not find hardly a square millimeter on the receiver, trigger guard or forend iron that was not beautifully engraved with either a vine scroll or rose motif or filigree detail. Masterfully done, this is a truly lovely shotgun that will no doubt catch many a lady’s eye.”

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