Year Born: 1975
Gun model(s): Syren Tempio Sporting 20ga

Any Modifications: Adjustable comb, comes in super handy switching between my students and myself.
Began hunting:
Late 1990s with pistol and rifle and shotgun started 2008

I have a very deep background in teaching and education. Somehow, my path directed me into the sporting clay field and I was hooked from day one. My husband, Mike has always been my biggest cheerleader and equal parts critic. He keeps me grounded and reminds me that I can truly succeed. He is the catalyst that got me into hunting. I love going into the woods and sitting for archery season but, I relish the opportunity to walk behind a well-trained Brittany or GSP. The pace of upland hunting and the rush of the flush are what I live for in each and every hunt. I love seeing a student take their first bird. Sharing in that experience is exactly why I get up every day determined to offer more than my best efforts. Being able to help someone realize their potential in the hunt field or on the clay course is what drives my motivation for excellence.

Primary Disciplines:

Upland Hunting first and foremost followed by Sporting Clays walk around course (helps keep in practice for those elusive upland birds, especially pheasants), Five Stand, FITASC, Skeet, and then finally Trap

About Kate

Hometown: Originally from Melbourne Beach, FL, raised in Mechanicsville, VA
Residence: Currently reside in Louisa, VA
Where do you work? Owner/Operator of Virginia Shooting Sports offering outstanding instruction at either Central Va Sporting Clays, Palmyra or at Old Forge Sporting Clays, Providence Forge.
Do you offer shooting instruction? Yes, I am a certified instructor in Paragon School of Sporting.
Home Club? Central VA Sporting Clays and Old Forge Sporting Clays

Do you have any special causes?

Chairman – Richmond Police Athletic League, we raised just under $21,000 at our inaugural shoot 2020, Co-Chairman – Reach Out for Life Breast Cancer Shoot, Fallen Outdoors – assisting veterans and active military members with getting into the hunting and fishing sports to create an outlet for their transition into civilian life, Sisterhood of the Outdoors – Va field staff – working with women and youth to create meaningful and lasting hunting and fishing skills and experiences.

What’s your advice on getting new lady shooters involved?

Find a friend. It’s always easier to do anything when you have a buddy to help keep you motivated plus it creates a built-in shooting buddy! Don’t be afraid to just go to a sporting clay course and start shooting. Just about every public clay course has a rental gun inventory and a plethora of men and women that would love to have you shoot with them. Never be afraid to try something new!

What knowledge can you share that would make ladies better shooters?

Trust in your gun. If it fits you, it will shoot exactly where you are looking. That is the main thing that has impressed me so much about Syren. Every one of their shotguns that I have had the pleasure of picking up has been exactly on. Work on building your sight picture and understanding how you and your gun move together.

How can more women get involved in bird hunting?

Give hunting a try! Find a mentor and go out with them. Look for a women’s hunting event, where you can try out the sport in an environment where a lot of the focus is to teach you and be in a setting that is controlled and comfortable. Listen to my podcast, ‘The Bird Dog Babe’; it’s loaded with guests that are offering great advice to help you learn about hunting!

Notable accomplishments?

My students. Each and every one of them is an example of my dedication to the sport.

What gear do you use?

Hat/No Hat?  My favorite lightweight black Syren hat but, only used on stations that the sun is beating me. This is a very visual sport so most of the time, I am sans hat.
Glasses:  Ranger eyewear, I love the fit and seemingly endless options of lens colors.
Ear protection:  Sound Gear, hands down. They are unbeatable in the industry of hearing protection and comfort.
Ammo:  B&P all the way. They are the leaders in shotgun ammo for the course and the hunt field.
Vest: Chief Upland, I just purchased a vest from this fledgling company and so far, love all of the adaptability and customization. I am still putting it through the paces but so far, it is an excellent selection for the upland hunter that wants more from their equipment.
Pouch: I don’t usually utilize a pouch but, I was fortunate enough to obtain a second-hand bespoke pouch with quite a history!
Attire: My favorite LL Bean jeans, button-down shirt, and favorite fedora – pheasant feathers and St. Hubert pin on the side. I love to be comfortable but keep that professional appearance regardless of whether I am in the shooter’s box, teaching on the course or pushing through the hunt field.
Shoes: Le Chameau tall boots, lined of course, I hate frozen toes otherwise, I’m usually skipping along in my Dansko’s during the warmer weather.