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Barbara Baird

How to Choose the Right Shotgun Instructor


If you’re looking for the right shotgun instructor, it’s important to ask the right questions. I visited Syren’s stellar Facebook group and asked these two questions: “If you’re a student, what types of questions have you asked or wished you had asked in the past?” and “If you’re an instructor, what do you think students should find out about their future instructors?” As usual, the answers amazed me and what these women had to say will benefit you in how to choose the right shotgun instructor. It might save you some money, too! Read More

Syren Owners Group on Facebook


We’re delighted to focus this post on Syren’s “Owners Group” on Facebook, set up especially for people who own Syren shotguns, with this purpose: “Post your photos, tell us your Syren stories and share your experiences and discussions with other Syren owners right here.”

I own a Syren Elos shotgun, and it’s been hunting in pheasant fields of Kansas and Nebraska, and out on skeet and trap ranges here in Missouri. It has not disappointed. I love the balance, and the overall design of this gun. It’s also beautiful.

I joined the Facebook group shortly after it launched, and again, no disappointments there. It’s a respectful place where people gather and do what outdoor lovers do – share their stories, ask questions about shotgunning and sometimes, rarely, ask how to correct a problem.
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