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Kate Ahnstrom

Do You Need More than One Shotgun?


The easiest way to complete a job successfully is to be sure you use the right tool. There are literally thousands of different tools out there in the world, but you certainly don’t want to try and hammer in a nail with a pair of pliers. Although, in an act of desperation, I have at times done exactly this instead of just taking a moment to find the actual hammer. It can be done but it ain’t pretty or even particularly functional. The exact same thing can be said about guns and whether you need more than one shotgun. Read More

Shooting vs Training: Are You Building Skills or Pulling the Trigger?


You love shooting your shotgun, especially if it’s a fabulous Syren. You even set aside time every couple of weeks to go to your local clay course. You break clays, you miss clays, and you have a lot of fun, especially when the weather is gorgeous, and friends are going around the course with you. But your shooting isn’t improving. As a matter of fact, some days, you would swear it looked like you had never seen a clay target in your life, which begs the question, “Are You Building Skills or Pulling the Trigger?” Read More