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Kate Ahnstrom

Syren Shotgun Shopping 101


‘Tis the season for fabulous get-togethers, overindulgences in food and drink, and that age-old desperation of shopping for those we love. That perfect gift always seems to elude us. What’s worse, when asked by our beloved, “What would you like this year?”, our response is meager at best with, “Oh, I don’t know.” Yes, you do. You totally know what you want – it’s a shiny new Syren shotgun to call your own and to take to hunts, clay fields, and beyond. When it comes to deciding on what shotgun to add to the gun safe, there are a few poignant questions that should be answered to ensure that you purchase the shotgun that is right for you and for your needs. Read More

Rules of Engagement: Get Ready for Upland Hunting


The hunt season doors have burst open across the country and in some locations, snow already is falling! This is the best time of year. Here in Virginia, the mountains are phasing their lush green canopies into a majestic landscape of golds, reds and oranges. The chilly, frosty mornings are a welcome respite from the searing heat of August and we are all leaping at any opportunity to get out in the upland hunt field. But are you ready? Read More

What shotshell load should you use to crush the center of a clay?


It’s the American way: Bigger, better, faster, now. Actually, it’s the way most of the world thinks especially when it comes to shotshells. Just a short jaunt through the ammo aisle at your local sporting goods store is enough to make your shoulder hurt just at the sight of some of those shell boxes. Will those superfast, hot and heavy loads give you more X’s on your scorecard or more birds in your bag? Meh, maybe… but some time with a professional instructor and a little practice at the clay course will take your shooting much further than 1350fps. Read More

Do You Need More than One Shotgun?


The easiest way to complete a job successfully is to be sure you use the right tool. There are literally thousands of different tools out there in the world, but you certainly don’t want to try and hammer in a nail with a pair of pliers. Although, in an act of desperation, I have at times done exactly this instead of just taking a moment to find the actual hammer. It can be done but it ain’t pretty or even particularly functional. The exact same thing can be said about guns and whether you need more than one shotgun. Read More

Shooting vs Training: Are You Building Skills or Pulling the Trigger?


You love shooting your shotgun, especially if it’s a fabulous Syren. You even set aside time every couple of weeks to go to your local clay course. You break clays, you miss clays, and you have a lot of fun, especially when the weather is gorgeous, and friends are going around the course with you. But your shooting isn’t improving. As a matter of fact, some days, you would swear it looked like you had never seen a clay target in your life, which begs the question, “Are You Building Skills or Pulling the Trigger?” Read More