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Syren Owners Group on Facebook

By 2021-05-20April 20th, 2022BLOG

We’re delighted to focus this post on Syren’s “Owners Group” on Facebook, set up especially for people who own Syren shotguns, with this purpose: “Post your photos, tell us your Syren stories and share your experiences and discussions with other Syren owners right here.”

I own a Syren Elos shotgun, and it’s been hunting in pheasant fields of Kansas and Nebraska, and out on skeet and trap ranges here in Missouri. It has not disappointed. I love the balance, and the overall design of this gun. It’s also beautiful.

I joined the Facebook group shortly after it launched, and again, no disappointments there. It’s a respectful place where people gather and do what outdoor lovers do – share their stories, ask questions about shotgunning and sometimes, rarely, ask how to correct a problem.

Syren Owners Group on Facebook

Here’s an example of what you’ll find happening in this group.

On Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021 – Tricia posted a video of her daughter who shot a perfect 25 (first time ever) and used an Elos N2 Elevate sporting gun. This video exemplifies the type of posts found – where a proud mom brags a bit about her daughter, or someone has been successful afield. The post is followed by another follower’s, Mandy’s, advice to have Tricia’s daughter send a photo of the official scorecard, and telling her that Syren will send a 25-straight patch. In fact, Syren also sends out patches for shooting 50 and 100 straight.


Liz writes, “Having this owners group is a real bonus! The info exchanged in this group is a learning experience. I have become a Syren believer. I owned six Beretta sporting shotguns when I purchased this Syren two years ago, and I have already sold the two O/U, since I do not plan to ever shoot any other O/U other than my Magnus. [Note: The Syren Magnus currently is not offered in the lineup. See more about it here.] Syrens actually fit women; something that I had pretty much given up on when I demoed a Syren O/U at Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, AL.”

Zule adds, Hello! I truly believe that groups like this not only inform about guns, competition and opportunity, but also motivate us women to surpass common negative thought of women shooters. So, yes! Let’s keep this Facebook growing!”

Melanie likes the technical advice she gets, and writes, “Cannot tell you how valuable this group is. CG [Caesar Guerini] Syrens are fabulous guns. On this site I have found the correct information about everything from guns, chokes, equipment such as vests and range bags, to well … just name it.”

Jen agrees and adds, “Having access to information about a line of firearms tailor made for women is invaluable. Not to mention sharing demo days and places to go enjoy shooting sports with said firearms. People make great suggestions on modifications (if needed) and equipment.”

Not Just in the USA

Marion Rose

Marion shared her story, from Australia, with us: “As a 65-year-old owner of a Syren for 15 months, I was excited to be invited to this page. I am a Board Director of the biggest shooting organisation in Australia (Victoria) and have been fortunate to be backed by Sporting Shooters Association to roll out a ladies program called Women on Target, whereby I introduce & train women on the safe use of using a shotgun and supporting them into shooting competition.

“Having CG [Caesar Guerini, parent company of Syren USA] recognise the importance of designing a gun to fit us ladies is great news, as I’m frequently asked what type of gun to buy. We ladies are at the mercy of fast talking salesmen in gun shops who just want a sale & not necessarily interested in whether the gun is suitably fitted to us, however I was fortunate to have a gun dealer introduce me to the CG Syren and I’m very happy with it.”

About Competition 


Joy is a competition shooter, and she extols the virtues of the gun for competition purposes in this testimony: “I started reading about Syren trap combo when it was introduced to the public. I dreamt of having one for years. I would always demo one if I had the opportunity. Several years ago, at the Grand American Trap Shoot, Lynne Green explained in more detail the finer points and answered more questions I had about deciding on the purchase. I made up my mind, set a goal. At the 2020 Grand American, I purchased, from Gipson Guns, a left-handed Syren Trap Combo that I had dreamed about for six years. In September, I won the Mississippi State Lady 1. It makes a lot of difference when a gun fits your hands, your shoulder, why it fits your body. I’m still working on improving (as we all are), but I’m comfortable and more confident with my Syren.”

Pro Staff Weighs In

Grace Callahan

Often, you’ll see comments/responses from Syren’s fine line of prostaffers, such as in this string from Grace Callahan and Courtney Bastian.

Grace wrote, “Being able to hear/read information from the source is more valuable than anything, in my opinion! Love this group!”

To which Gia responded, “I’m a new member and it’s why I joined.”

Courtney Bastian

Courtney, who hosts the popular “Bird Dog Babe” podcast, added, “Absolutely love this group! Knowing a company listens, cares, supports and encourages their customers to the level that Syren does, says a lot about their commitment to customers and confidence in their products.” Note: Courtney hunted 90 days last year with her Syren field guns – a Tempio Light (ruffed grouse) and an Elos D2 (pheasants).

Occasionally, a Slight Hiccup

This group also hosts a place where Syren owners may address any issues, which are seldom it seems, with their guns. But, seriously, how many companies will open a forum for its clients and allow them to discuss problems and/or recommend changes?

Judy Hall wrote this about Syren: “Great company that will stand behind their products. Had a problem with the waterfowler not rejecting spent shells and would hang up. They had a rep at the Silver Dollar Club in Odessa, Florida, during a match. They took it back with them and returned it good as new.

“I added a thicker recoil pad on mine since my reach is very long. But overall, they are just a phone call away to answer and take care of any problems that you may have!”

Judy Hall and Gunnar (Barbara Baird photo)

Note: I hunted ducks in Arkansas in late December last year with Judy Hall. She and her friend arrived from Florida with their Syren XLR5 Waterfowler shotguns. Judy and I are friends on Facebook now, after spending a few days together, and we also both belong to the Syren Facebook group.

The Good Stuff

Syren gun ownership is not a prerequisite or requirement to belonging to this group. In fact, Stacey writes, “I don’t even own a Syren, yet. But I appreciate Syren’s sponsorship of camaraderie, expertise, and support of newcomers like me because it’s hard to find like-minded women in other areas of my life.” We’re going to bet that someday, Stacey, you’ll be a Syren owner, too!

Terri, who is new to the shotgun sports, represents the positive energy found at this Facebook group: ‘Love my Syren and love this group. Just started shooting clays last year at age 56, having never fired a gun in my life. Absolutely love it!”

If you’d like to join the conversation, join the Syren Owners Group at Facebook.

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This article was originally posted at our “Syren Savvy” column on and co-written with WON Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird. Barbara is a freelance writer in hunting, shooting, and outdoor markets. Her bylines are found at several top hunting and shooting publications. She also is a travel writer, and you can follow her at

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