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How to Keep Your Cool While Shooting in the Heat

By 2021-08-16April 20th, 2022BLOG

Whenever I need sage advice from real-deal shooters, I tap into the wealth of knowledge available at the Syren Owners Group on Facebook. For this topic, “How to Keep Your Cool While Shooting in the Heat,” I asked Syren owners to give us some tips for shooting on a blazing hot range or field somewhere.

Here’s what they told me.

Emma Roberts

How to Keep Your Cool While Shooting in the Heat 

Cory Roberts’ daughter, Emma, recently claimed the girls’ varsity championship at the USA Clay Target League Oregon State Championship Shoot, with a Syren Elos N2 Elevate. Cory said the temp spiked at 110 degrees. She added, “The kids shot 50 at a time with a break in the shade between rounds for a couple of minutes. Spray bottles with cold water, cooling towel around her neck and lots of Gatorade.”

Lucy Murphy

Julian Murphy agrees with Cory, and wrote, “My daughter, Lucy, really likes a small cooler of Florida water and a cooling towel. She keeps it around her neck in between stations.” 

August Crocker

August Crocker – gunsmith and competitor – gave specific instructions for shooting in the heat: “Hydrate before a shoot or tournament; that day is too late. Start night before. 

NUUN hydration tabs are always in my bag. You will drink way more water with them and keep electrolytes up. Cold collars in your ice chest a must.” 

He added, “Always have your own roadie ice chest. Depending on clubs to have cold water on a course has hurt me in the past. I heat-stroked at a tournament years ago – it’s a big ol’ bunch of no bueno.”

Competition shooter Nancy Thomason said, “The day before I shoot, I really hydrate. On shooting day, I use a Chill Pal Cooling Towel around my neck in between stations (I do not wear it when I shoot), and I also wear Arctic Cool and Under Armour ISO Chill shirts, which use your own sweat as a coolant. A visor keeps the sun off my face, Aveda Sun Care keeps my hair from sun damage and lots of sunscreen on my arms keeps me from burning. The summer sun and humidity in Charlotte, North Carolina, keep a lot of women I know off the course, but never me!

Cindi Hubbard added, “Go into your day well hydrated. I carry S’well thermos with an electrolyte drink and also a cooler with ice water to share, and neck wraps. I learned that drinking sips at every station also helps vision (eyes get dehydrated, too!). Don’t forget the sunscreen, but keep it away from running into your eyes and careful with getting it on the finish of your gun. 

Kassi Hanson

Another mom weighed in when Kylie Hanson wrote, “My daughter, Kassi, struggles with vasovagal syncope, and the heat is a major trigger. She has found that making sure to hydrate the day before, as well as the day of, and eating a well-balanced meal with lots of protein the night before, and morning of the shoot help to beat the heat. She also uses Liquid IV to increase hydration, and cooling towels around her neck.

Dee Orr

Syren pro-staffer Dee Orr said, “I actually carry a Dewalt 14-inch, battery-operated fan on my cart, along with lots of water, zero and cooling cloths. Very hot and humid down here in south Florida. (Read more tips from Dee at this post, “Advice and Tips for New Women Shooters.”).

Cynthia Kruger

Cynthia Kruger, Syren dealer as well as a pro-staff member, reported that “I went out yesterday and shot 100 FITASC in 106 degrees in the Rocky Mountain Classic in Colorado. I did well (86/100) because I love FITASC the most, but mainly because I took some tips from this post and added to my regimen. I hydrated well before, which made a  big difference – 64-ounce jug with water and lemon. There were moments when I felt the heat taking over and did some deep breathing to calm down and focus. All-in-all, a good day, despite the blazing heat.” 

Rachel Irwin Beauchamp

Rachel Irwin Beauchamp also read the tips provided by members of the Syren Owners’ Group, and reminded us: “Didn’t read all the comments, but gloves!!! Those barrels get hot!”

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