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Shaun Burkowski

How To Get Started In Youth Shotgun Sports


Going from zero-to-one is sometimes the most daunting task when you want to start a new hobby – especially if you don’t know where to begin, or how to get the information you need. Some of us get lucky, and we know a friend or family member who already is involved with a sport that we can rely on to point us in the right direction or connect us to a local team or organization. For others, it’s not so easy. In order to help, we’ve shared experiences in hopes of setting a course for the next generation of shotgun sports champions. Plus, find out what happened during our recent trips to the 2021 SCTP Nationals and AIM/ATA Grand American Championships.
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Should I Buy a Semi-Auto or an Over/Under Shotgun?


On May 10, 2020, on the Syren Owners Group on Facebook, there was a post made from a helpful gun dealer attempting to tackle a question that he gets asked often: When purchasing a shotgun for competitive shooting, should you get a semi-auto or an over-and-under (O/U)? We believe his response was worth reposting, as many shooters often ask this question, and the insights expressed may just help with your purchasing decision.
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Customer Testimonial: Clara Wolfe and her Syren Elos D2 28g

By | BLOG, Customer Testimonial

Say hello to Clara Wolfe, and her dog Syrene! Clara is a 17-year-old Junior at Bennett High in Colorado. She is an avid bird hunter and recently picked up a Syren Elos D2 28g Left Hand model for the winter to use in the field and on the trap and skeet fields. She liked it so much that she recently named her new four-legged hunting companion Syrene (rhymes with Irene) because it meant a lot to her to be coached through SCTP over the years by a lady shooter, and of course, she loves her new gun too! We love that Clara, and thanks, it made us smile! The following is a customer testimonial from Clara on her experiences with her new Syren Elos D2.
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[Gun Dog 11.15] A Woman’s World: Syren is making real shotguns for the fairer sex

By | Field Guns, Gun Reviews, NEWS, Syren XLR5 Waterfowler

“Women have long been stuck shooting a man’s gun. But cut stocks and pink camo don’t cut it at Syren… All in all, the XLR5 got high marks for styling, functioning, and for innovative design. Finally, a company is making guns for women shooters that are actually designed by and built for women shooters.”

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[Shotgun Sports Magazine: 09.15] Gun Test: Syren Magnus Sporting

By | Gun Reviews, NEWS, Syren Magnus

“You will be impressed with the level of engraving on this shotgun. I could not find hardly a square millimeter on the receiver, trigger guard or forend iron that was not beautifully engraved with either a vine scroll or rose motif or filigree detail. Masterfully done, this is a truly lovely shotgun that will no doubt catch many a lady’s eye.”

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