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Syren Shotgun Shopping 101

By 2022-12-17January 4th, 2023BLOG

‘Tis the season for fabulous get-togethers, overindulgences in food and drink, and that age-old desperation of shopping for those we love. That perfect gift always seems to elude us. What’s worse, when asked by our beloved, “What would you like this year?”, our response is meager at best with, “Oh, I don’t know.” Yes, you do. You totally know what you want – it’s a shiny new Syren shotgun to call your own and to take to hunts, clay fields, and beyond. When it comes to deciding on what shotgun to add to the gun safe, there are a few poignant questions that should be answered to ensure that you purchase the shotgun that is right for you and for your needs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is most of your time spent with clay targets? If so, is it for trap, skeet or sporting clays or perhaps a combination?
  • Do you love chasing feathers? Will you use this gun for waterfowl, upland, woodland?
  • Are you adding another gun to the collection, or are you looking for one gun that will seamlessly carry you through several applications?
  • What gauge are you considering? Do you prefer an autoloader or a break-action gun?

All of these questions and more will have a direct impact (good, bad, and indifferent) on your final selection. Syren shotguns are truly created for the female shooter. From the difference in gun fit to better suit our specific anatomy to the weight and balance of the gun for us, Syren has an incredible selection of guns for every application.

If You Love Crushing Clay Targets

The difference between a “sporting” gun and a “field” gun is easy to keep straight. Remember that a sporting gun is meant to shoot more, walk less and a field gun is meant to walk more, shoot less. In other words, the sporting guns (break-action) are heavier. This is one of the main ways to mitigate recoil. The shear mass of the gun will dissipate the recoil as it moves through the gun. Typically, you will utilize either a golf cart or gun cart to make your way around the clay field. The minimum shots for any clay game is 25 rounds. Therefore, I say you will walk this gun less, but definitely shoot it more.

The field gun will be walked through the hunt fields, woods, etc., in search of game over dogs. You want a lighter gun for this task; although, I have been known to drag a particular sporting model through the upland fields. I just love shooting it so much and don’t care if it means more of a workout for my arms. I’m totally willing to take on the weight and love dropping birds with it.

Within the clay pigeon games, you have sporting clays (round of 100 on a walk around course), skeet (round of 25) and trap (round of 25). There also are additional games such as doubles trap, bunker, Olympic, Helice and more. Check out this great list of the most prominent games, courtesy of White Flyer Targets.

For sporting clays and most clay games, you will want your gun set up with a 50/50 up to 60/40 split for your pattern. This is because clays can be complicated and elusive and you must have the ability to blanket the target with a web of BBs. Think of your pattern as a net and since clays do crazy things, you need that net to wrap around the target. The Syren Tempio Sporting, available in 28, 20 and 12 gauge is one of my favorites. The Tempio allows the beginner to master class shooter to enjoy an effortless swing in a finely balanced and well-fitted shotgun. The craftsmanship is stunning and wrapped into a low maintenance so you can spend more time shooting and less time cleaning!

Also available in sporting models are the fabulous and gorgeous Julia – available in both 20 and 12 gauge. Julia offers an adjustable comb for greater customization in gun fit and a unique and eye-catching design on a beautifully case-colored receiver.

Rounding out the sporting guns in Syren shotguns are the Elos N2 Sporting, the brand new Elos N2 Elevate, and the L4S autoloader. The N2 line brings outstanding balance while never compromising fit and finish. The N2 Elevate has a bit more adjustability than the standard N2 Sporting, which includes a set of two interchangeable ribs to swap from 50/50 point-of-impact to 65/35. The N2 sporting model sheds some weight for a lighter gun, keeping all the core gun fit components such as adjustable comb, trigger and interchangeable recoil pads. For those that prefer an autoloader, the L4S is just the ticket. The L4S is the pinnacle of lower weight (6 pounds, 12 ounces) and minimal recoil. This amazing clay crusher is engineered to function with low recoil target loads – so you can shoot without the fear of getting thumped.

Trap shooters will often set up their guns with a very high pattern, since all of their shots are up, up and away. Trap guns normally come with a higher rib so that this can be achieved. A side benefit of a high trap rib is that it tends to be easier to get onto the stock with less effort. Syren offers a Tempio Trap set and a Syren Elevate Trap Combo set. Both guns boast an unsingle barrel and high customization aspects so that any shooter can dial in their gun fit to a tee.

If You Love Chasing Feathers

You may head to the clay course a handful of times in the off-season, but you relish a frosty cold morning on the upland field, grouse woods or in the duck blind. You spend every day possible hunting. If this describes you, then a field gun is in order. All the Syren O/U field guns come in 20 and 12 gauge and weigh in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces or LESS! All are incredibly balanced, quick to mount and uncompromising in the point of impact. Chasing longtails out in the Dakotas? Delighting in the popcorn flushes of huns or high-flying antics of grey ghosts (aka, dove)? The Syren Tempio Field or the Syren Julia Field models are perfect for chasing those feathers. The 28-inch barrels are quick to move with a seamless swing.

For those that love the tight, thick cover of the woodcock and grouse woods, the Syren Tempio Light will make quick work of these exciting flushes, plus dominate in the quail fields. Coming in at just over 5 pounds for the 28 gauge and 5 pounds, 10 ounces for the 20 gauge, the Tempio Light is snappy and smooth.

Sunrises on the duck marsh anyone? These vistas are made even better when you’re left breathless. The Syren XLR5 Waterfowler will absolutely leave you breathless at how comfortable it sits in your shoulder and the softness with which it cycles waterfowl loads. The stainless-steel Pulse Piston system keeps the hard-hitting, fast shells cycling cleanly, but you’ll never feel it as you would in other waterfowl models.

Are You Happy to Pull the Trigger in Any Field, Any Course, Anytime, but Want Just One Gun?

Perfect! Syren Elos D2 is the ultimate hybrid for those shooters that love to get out and don’t discriminate. Available in 20 and 28 gauge, the D2 brings together all the best parts of a field model and a sporting model. This is definitely one gun that will easily win over the shooter seeking a “one-and-done” shotgun.

Now, technically, any of the Syren guns can be utilized for multiple applications. I personally use my Tempio Sporting for clays, dove and upland. When I wander into the grouse or woodcock woods, I want shorter barrels for the thick cover and a snappier gun, like the Tempio Light, so that I can maneuver better.

The XLR5 Waterfowler also has become extremely popular for shooters to use across different settings. I do have one student that loves her L4S Sporting so much she happily uses it for competitions and upland – and especially for hunting rabbits.

As you are making out your Christmas list, take time to consider your ideal Syren shotgun. Think about how you will use it and what you need it to do for you. And this time, when asked what you would like under the tree, don’t hesitate to say, “A Syren shotgun!”

Learn more about Syren’s fine line of shotguns for women.

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