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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Clara Wolfe and her Syren Elos D2 28g

By BLOG, Customer Testimonial

Say hello to Clara Wolfe, and her dog Syrene! Clara is a 17-year-old Junior at Bennett High in Colorado. She is an avid bird hunter and recently picked up a Syren Elos D2 28g Left Hand model for the winter to use in the field and on the trap and skeet fields. She liked it so much that she recently named her new four-legged hunting companion Syrene (rhymes with Irene) because it meant a lot to her to be coached through SCTP over the years by a lady shooter, and of course, she loves her new gun too! We love that Clara, and thanks, it made us smile! The following is a customer testimonial from Clara on her experiences with her new Syren Elos D2.
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