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Syren’s in the House at the 2023 SCTP National Championship

By 2023-08-10September 14th, 2023BLOG

They came, they saw, and they conquered. The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) National Championship hosted 3,131 athletes at its annual event in July. It took place at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio. Syren USA was on hand in the showroom on Vendor’s Row, as well as being represented in the field.

The SCTP is the largest youth clay target program in the US. It allows elementary through high school and college students the opportunity to compete in sports such as trap, skeet and sporting clays, as well as Olympic disciplines like bunker trap and international skeet.

The event welcomed athletes from 34 states, comprising 337 teams. Athletes register for various disciplines and could be involved in more than one. Following are the number of athletes that registered for each event.

Single Sports:

Trap Singles Shooters – 2,807

Sporting Clays Shooters – 1,685

Skeet Shooters – 1,479

A fun fact from the event, more than  2 million White Flyer targets were thrown in official events, with tens of thousands flying for side games and practice. That’s a lot of clays!

Syren, Caesar Guerini and Fabarm spent long hours daily in their storefront along Vendor’s Row. It was a great spot to get out of the heat and offered the perfect place to shop for their products.

A table display welcomed athletes with a Syren “Extractor” shell pouch holding product pamphlets, a Syren “Boxlock” range bag, and numerous swag items.

Who doesn’t enjoy picking up some Syren-branded stickers, bracelets and more?

A Syren branded tie-dyed t-shirt in cotton candy color (also available in the color sky) is adorable with a gray Syren mesh hat.

All these products and more are available on the Syren website in the shop section.

While visiting the store, athletes chatted with Grace Callahan, a member of Syren’s prostaff and event manager. She guided them along as they perused the various shotguns.

Some athletes, like Kaylee Joseph of the Ohio Clay Busters, practiced on the demo range with a few different shotguns. Although she already shoots a Syren, she is looking at other options before heading to Jackson University in the fall.

Shooting 25, 50, 100, or even 200 straight clays is a huge milestone. Many athletes dropped in to pick up their patches and certificates, as well as have their photos taken for social media. Here are some of those athletes:

Olivia Waldron earned her 25 straight. She’s photographed here with Syren Prostaffer Dorothea Dotter.

Savannah Scarisbrick crushed 25 consecutive targets with her Syren Julia Sporting and earned her patch and certificate. Savannah returned later in the event after running 50 straight to double-down on her achievement. Clearly Savannah and her Julia are pairing up nicely.

Emmy Lora earned her 25 straight patch and certificate using a Syren Elos N2 Elevate.

See all the athletes that earned patches on the Syren Facebook page and Syren Instagram.

Left to right: Hailey Lowry, Katelyn Lowry, Taylor Lowry, Cyleign Akins, and Kaedyn Hollander.

We must share this photo of the East Tennessee N2Dust All Girls Shooting Team. They all shoot Syren shotguns. This team crushed the sporting clays, skeet and trap competitions using three types of Syren shotguns. A pair of Syren Elevates, a pair of Syren Tempio’s and a Syren L4S Sporting semi-auto.

Next year’s SCTP National Championship takes place July 8 thru 20 again at Cardinal Shooting Center. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by, check out the event and visit the Syren store.

Also, be sure to check out the Syren events calendar to see what other events are coming up in your area.

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*This article was originally posted in our column on written by Michelle Cerino and edited by WON Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird.